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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by metabolism, Mar 15, 2002.

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    i've recently bought a Creative Webcam, i installed it in my P4, no probs, all worked as it should be, then i tried work with it in my P2 350, i installed it just like in my P4, everything works like in my P4 but it's almost impossible work with it, i don't know why but it only record's about 10 frames by second and in real time is even less, about 3 frames by second what is really bad, there's any kind of tweak or something that i can do to make the cam works correctly?
    Extra info:
    P2 350mhz, 256 ram, 20gb hdd [about 4gb free], Riva tnt2 32mb, WinXp.

    sorry my poor english...
  2. max

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    go to start - run - and type diaxdiag.exe

    when the window pops up go to more help Tab , click overide and chooose Overide then pick a frame rate of say 60

    Try that.