Creative Ti 200 GeForce 3 64mb??

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by fitfella29, Jun 4, 2002.

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    is this graphics card any good? need some advice quick as i may be buying one this afternoon.
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    Well, I'm going to buy one too. I needed a replacement for my TNT2 card, so I visited the website for information on Geforce cards. I already tried the Geforce 3 ti200 and I was amazed of all the pretty pictures I saw on my screen. So I definately want a Geforce 3 card, but among the three choices (Geforce 3, Geforce 3 ti200, Geforce 3 ti500), I found that the Geforce 3 ti200 is a little slower than the normal Geforce 3, and that the Geforce 3 ti500 was a lot better than the normal Geforce 3. The difference between the Normal and the ti200 is so small, that you can better buy a ti200 (which can be overclocked to match the normal, I thought). Or, if money isn't an issue, buy a ti500 instead. To me it is, so I'll buy a Geforce 3 ti200. Hope this helped you.
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    i think i`ll save my pennies and get this card Leadtek Geforce4 Ti 4400