Creative Releases the ZEN V and ZEN V Plus

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    Today in response to Apple's iPod Nano, Creative released the ZEN V and ZEN V Plus. The new players are identical besides the Plus's ability to play back radio and video. The new player provides users with a new input interface which consists of a small 5 way joystick that enables access to all menus. In addition the new players sport the following features:

    • 128 x 128 resolution full color 1.5" OLED display
    • Line-in encoding
    • Custom EQ settings
    • Drag and drop transfer
    • 15 hour audio playback battery life
    • Embedded rechargeable Li-Ion battery
    • 43.5 x 67.5 x 15.9mm size

    The ZEN V comes in three different sizes, a 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB at prices of $119.99, $149.99, and $199.99 (USD) respectively. The ZEN V Plus is available in two different sizes of 2 GB and 4 GB at currently unavailable prices.

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