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    My son has a Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra (30GB). Well it was a 30GB when he bought it, but a slight fall and a new hard drive later it is now a 40GB in a 30GB wrapper. We found some instructions how to replace the hard drive, but anyone who has owned a laptop and is familiar with 9MM Hard Drives can probably figure out the replacement process.

    The problem we have now is that we can not install the O/S. We were able to format the drive okay, so (most likely) the Hard Drive installation was a success. The problem now seems to be the LiON battery is at 0% charge and will not charge. The O/S will not load unless the batteries are installed and functioning.

    It seems that we can buy a new battery for the Nomad, but at just over a yaer old, I was hoping there was some way to "jump start" the original battery to get it to work, at least to get the system started.

    If anyone has any ideas, please post them here or respond directly to me
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    Why didn’t you contact Creative when this happened? I am sure the unit is still under warranty.

    Are you sure the internal connections for the battery are tight?
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    Perhaps take it to a retailer, I am sure they could use at least the display model to charge the battery?