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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by HellyHans, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. HellyHans

    HellyHans OSNN Addict

    Well I'am trying to find a place to be able to download the creative audio console for my X-fi card and the new drivers say that it is included but its not.

    Now I didn't have my CD with me, so I installed the drivers from the website, and I don't have the nice blue console with my choices for entertainment,game,mixer.

    I borrowed my friends CD and I installed complete and its installed now..
    My probleme is that,if I didnt have a CD, where do you get this download??
    Its not on the website ANYWHERE.
  2. drz01

    drz01 Weekend DJ

    It was included in my driver download for vista 32.
  3. HellyHans

    HellyHans OSNN Addict

    Doesnt seem to be for windows XP
    Actually, there are alot of things missing.
    All the add-ons that are on the CD cannot be found on the creative labs website.
    Example, kareoke