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Discussion in 'Windows Server Systems' started by navinkumar123, May 23, 2006.

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    Helo everyone
    this is navin
    i just have a question for you....plz if u could solve it .....

    i currently have a primary domain controller on my windows NT 4.0 server.
    how can i add a back up domain controller on the server. does it affect my PDC??.
    One more thing is i want to migrate this Windows NT 4.0 to windows server 2003 in another server, so how can i create roaming profiles for the users.
    Actually how can i take the backup of all the system files.

    please reply me back as soon as possible
    thanku very much
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    When you do "dcpromo" you will be asked if this server is your only domain controller. Just say no.

    I wouldn't do an upgrade from NT4 to 2003. I did this once and had major issues. Start fresh.
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    It has been a long time, but as I recall, dcpromo is an active directory tool and is not available in NT4.

    In order to build a BDC in an NT4 domain, I beleive you need to specifiy it during the build (it asks you at some point during the NT4 install if you are installing a member server or domain controller). If you select domain controller, it asks if you are joining an existing domain (ie: create BDC) or creating a new one (ie: create a PDC).

    You make it should like you want to add a BDC on the same server as your primary.. this is not possible - they need to be seperate machines.

    Adding a Backup DC should not affect your PDC in an NT4 domain environment. NT4 domains are single masters - all changes are all done on the PDC.

    What does roaming profiles have to do with NT4 to Active directory migration?

    ?! are you not backing up your systems now?! Or are you asking how to migrate users to windows server 2003?
  4. madmatt

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    fitz, you are correct. dcpromo is for W2K Server and up.