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    Digital Scrapbooking, or photo collage is the hottest new way to capture moments, create layouts, and ART that transforms your moments in memories, and gives you the scrapbooks to captivate your family and loved ones for generations to come. Here's a short guide which I've compiled to help you assemble your favorite photos into an artistic compilation.

    Step 1: Start Up Your Collage Editor
    The first step, of course, is to fire up your favorite photo collage software. For beginners, it's best to get a program like Photo Collage Studio. It's a great tool that allows you to make a digital scrapbook using simple, easy-to-follow steps. To make a collage, open Photo Collage Studio. Click ‘Browse’ button in navigation bar. Select your favorite photos, double-click the photo or just drag, drop, and go.

    Step 2: Rotate and Crop
    If you've taken a photo in a wrong orientation, it's easily corrected with little loss in quality by using a rotate tool. You'll also want to do some cropping of your photo to remove cluttered surroundings that draw attention away from your subject. For example, I find cropping very useful if my subject is occupying only the middle portion of the photograph. Cut away the two sides of the picture and you have a much more professional look.

    Step 3: Gray & Negative
    Don't be afraid to experiment with colors. Image editing programs put a lot of power in your hands. You can make the photos gray, and change the entire photo to black and white - almost anything you want.

    Step 4: Shadow & Filter Effects
    Sometimes I like to add shadow and filter effect to my photos. What you can do here is to select the photo which are unimportant and apply to it. This will bring more attention to the main subject of your photo.

    Step 5: Add Photo Frame
    Touch up your photos with multiple selectable photo frames according to different occasions. Select a theme from the pull-down frame type list on Frame Panel, all the frame of this theme will be displayed in thumbnail mode. Select a desirable frame, drag it to pallette or double-click it, the frame will be automatically applied to the target layer.

    Step 6: Add Photo Mask Effect
    You can see how much Photo Collage Studio mask effects can improve your photos – and in seconds, not hours. Simply and quickly drag and drop the effect to your picture. And of course, you can undo your changes at any step along the way.

    Step 7: Enhance Your Collage with Cliparts & Wordart
    If you want to make a collage of outstanding, you may add Cliparts and wordart to make good picture creative and great. Select a theme from the pull-down Clipart type list on Clipart Panel, all the Clipart of this theme will be displayed in thumbnail mode. For making display text more eye-catching with wordart, just simply choose the font, color, size, font style, font effect, and input your funny words, catchy phrases or personal sentiments.

    Step 8: Save Your Work
    Ok, you're pretty much done. Remember to save your work in the appropriate image format. Use the large TIFF image format if you want to retain all details for subsequent image editing. On the other hand, you can set your masterpiece as wallpaper, or use the JPEG image format if you want to just send the picture via email or print it at virtually any size.

    Alright then! Now you know the secret to touching up and preparing your raw digital photos for output. I'd say that not all the above steps are truly necessary in a given situation. Remember to use your discretion to see which is necessary. Don't be afraid to experiment and learn - practice makes perfect when it comes to making a nice digital photo collage.