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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by MGee, May 28, 2002.

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    I have the same problem with my windows xp home edition,
    any files that are .zip, .rar and I try to extract them about %50 of them come back with a crc failed error message

    I had these burned on a cd and tryed them in windows 98, and windows ME - they work perfectly fine with winzip and winrar.

    Windows XP is causing these extracted files to come up as corrupted and halts the extraction process. This is happining alot with downloaded compressed files as well. Somebody please help solve this as this is strictly a Windows xp problem, not a dirty, or corrupt cd.

    *same problem as dokkktor, no fix?*
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Try a different zip utility.
  3. w0lv3rin3

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    try WinACE
  4. xsivforce

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    Yep. I like WinACE.
  5. MGee

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    Tried Winace

    Winace gives the same crc failed errors when trying to decompress the files.
  6. crono_logical

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    Sounds like XP not reading from the CD drive correctly if only XP does it, and multiple ZIP managers give the same results. Dunno how to fix it though, other than maybe try upfating the drivers or something :)
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    Note to all: Finally Solved Problem

    My problem started when I upgraded to windows XP from ME. I had been using Roxio EZcd creater 5. After xp, nothing would work because I had not closed off my cd completely so I could write more info to it using direct cd.

    Therefore as my new xp was reading the cd with no direct cd installed it was seeing my disk as being not complete and missing information. The only problem to this is that my ezcd was packed on a disk.

    Solution: I have an HP cd-writer 9100 , went to website and download, install their version of direct cd called DL.

    This enabled my cd to be recognized as not full and also to be rewritten. As soon as i did this NO MORE CRC FAILED ERRORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this helps the others.