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    I got an 1.6 intel pentium dual-core. Could I put an 3.8 P4 in it and which one is better and faster
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    The motherboad determines what processor you can put in. Also you need to check if your power supply can handle the extra load.

    If you don't know the motherboard number download CPUz and it will read the info from the motherboard.

    For the power supply you need to open the case and read the label on the side of the power supply it will read something like:

    450W 12V@18A 12V@18A 5V@25A 3.3V@30A

    We need at least those numbers from the PSU label. Also what kind of video card you have, unless it is on the MB then it isn't important.

    Upgrades require more power and a lot of off the shelf computers have too small a power supply to support upgrades.

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    Well, here are some other questions.

    The intel pentium "Dual Core" Is it an Intel Core 2 Duo? And the pentium 4 is just a regular Pentium 4 3.8ghz with HT (Hyperthreading)?

    My guess is your processor, being a dual core is probably the E2140 which is a Core 2 Duo processor. It's a newer and better technology then the Pentium 4. Despite the Pentium 4 being a higher mhz speed, I would stick with the dual core. You'll be able to use your computer a bit more broadly then with the regular pentium 4, since there are 2 cores working on processing the data, rather than the Pentium 4's single core hyperthreading solution.
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    There was also the P4D dual core Pentium4 chips so it might not be a Core chip
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    Pentium dual core is indeed very low end core 2 duo. This will be faster than a 3.8 P4 in certain areas.

    I would recommend looking at the 2.4Ghz core 2 duo/quad models.
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    i thought about that.. but they didn't come in such low fequencies