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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by TheBlueRaja, Jun 27, 2002.

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    I have just upgraded from an AMD Duron to a XP 2000+. I havent reinstalled XP or anything, just a straight chip swap. I have installed a coolermaster HCC-001, whilst i wait for my new HHC-001 fan.

    When i turn on the PC, everything is fine and the CPU temp sits around 40 - 43 degrees. However if i run a 3D Intensive app like 3D mark, then the PC hangs after x time, never in the same place and always when running 3D apps.

    When XP reboots, i get an message saying there is a possible hardware failure with my GeForce Ti4400, and the driver for this device was unable to complete a write operation. (Detenator 29.42)

    However this has only happened since i installed the new chip. Eveything else, like the motherboard / memory etc remain the same.

    Could this be because the CPU is overheating? Even though the fan i am using is certified for this CPU? No warning tone is heard indicating a problem. I have a Gigabyte GA-7VRXP with the latest BIOS update.

    Or should i reinstall XP from scratch after changing the CPU?
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    Let me paint you a picture:
    I have a 1 gighz athlon with a AV7133 mobo (asus) and a gforce 4 Ti4400. I always freeze. In games which take a lot of 3d acceleration, i freeze specially. I thought it might be that my cpu was running too hot, at 58*C. It was, but not for video. Sinse then, I applied a new dose of artic silver thermal greace onto the cpu and cooled down a whole 10*C to a steady 48*C or 49*C....well, im still freezing. Goddamn nvidia and the via chipset people need to get their shit together if you ask me.