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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by lewismark87, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. lewismark87

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    i have a x2 4600. which i am looking to upgrade....
    do you have any suggestion for me...
    if do please let me know....
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  2. fitz

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    That's a very generic question lewis.. other questions need to be answered like:

    What's your budget?
    Do you want to stay AMD?
    What kind of motherboard do you have?
    Is this system to be used for gaming?
  3. LeeJend

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    Continuing with Fitz's comment...

    How much ram do you have, what type, number of sticks?
    What type of video - on board, video card, etc?
    What is the rating of your power supply? It may limit your options as much as your MB.

    The best upgrade recommendations depend on what you have now. Like if you only have 1 gig of ram the best overall improvement may be to add more ram.

    If you are into gaming the recommendation might be different than if you are into video editing or graphic arts.

    So give us some more info and we'll help you out. Spending other people's money on upgrades is our favorite pastime around here. :)

    If you don't know the answers to these questions you can download CPUz.exe from many sites (I use and trust www.majorgeeks.com) and it will read you hardware info for you.

    Uh yeah, and welcome to OSNN.