Cpu Temps?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by neoterixx, Jun 16, 2002.

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    What temperture should a CPU and mainboard TEMP be @? I have a Athlon Xp 2000 ( check sig) and I ran the ASUS PC PROBE TEMP. What is a safe temp ? And can I count on this program to be correct?
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    I have the same setup
    mines running at about 40C at the moment.. in the hotter weather it goes to about 63C. you dont want it to get to much hotter than that. Sorry dont know what those temps are in F
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    I just checked my mainbaord settings and my cpu temp fluctuates between 55.5 C and 55 C. Is this to hot? If so can anyone recommend what I can do to cool my system off more, anything that is quiet?
  4. below 60C is fine.
    65 and below should still be good, but may be a little hot.

    you can get a better case, better fan, clear off DUST inside your computer (if any)

    or if you want, what most people would try, is using some thermal products

    like thermal grease, you put a dab of it on your processor (top, center) and run your computer
    it'll heat up, and spread out, and basically just stay there.
    it can cool your Cpu down a good bit, some people have gotten it 13 degrees LOWER, before.
    which is great.

    i don't know any specific names of the products, though.
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    mine runs @ bout 35c when it's doin jack
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    Best stuff to use on between your CPU & heatsink is a product called Artic Silver 3, it will help cool down you cpu anything up to 10c or more.

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    Im going to get a Volcano 7+ and that Silver compound to put on my processor.
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    I'm running the Volcano 7. These are AWESOME HSFs!! I don't know why EVERYBODY doesn't use thes things. Hell, the size alone is worth some "bragging rights". LOL:D
  10. Thats if you've got around £500 - £600 pounds spare.......

    A Coolermaster case with a good cpu fan should suffice...check out Tomshardware for lowdowns on the best cpu fans. They did an article about a year ago.

    PS - my system runs at 31C with my bedroom window open and 37C with my bedroom window shut:D
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    *gags at the very mention of Thermal Take products* I've had several Thermal Take coolers, and all of them have ta some point died. The chrome Orbb I wa susing on my old Athlon 900 just died within 2 minutes (all I did was run WinAmp!!) And the Volcano 2 i bought near casued the chip to explode.

    I have an Asus A7V 133 board, and I know for a fact that all Asus boards CPU temp sensors read alot higher than they actually are, the'yre about 5 - 6 degrees out (they read hig) in some severe cases they are as much as 10 degrees out.

    Get yourself a Cooler Master Heat Pipe cooler, thats what I'm running currently, dropped my cpu temp of 65 deg C down to 45 Idle, and 49.5 full load, bare in mind the prob with the Asus sensor and software and it's cool as a cucumber. The heat sync is pure copper, which is the best for cooling a CPU, on top of that there's a 7200 RPM Delta fan (yeah I know deltas sound like vacuum cleaners) but the benefit you get form the cooling on your chip out weighs the disadvanates of the noise, and I've found with mine that as the weeks pass by the fan get quieter!!
  12. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Go with a Swiftech sink and fan of your choice (quiet/loud/fast/slow/etc).
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    Behemoth - I have been using the AS3 and a Volcano 7 w/ speed control. I havnent had a problem with it at all, and its keeping my computer nice and cool. Right now, System temp is 24C, CPU is 31C idle, load raises the CPU temp up about to 37 is the highest. Thats not bad at all for an athlon xp 2000+
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    Yup that is good, butI hate Thermal Take producsts, ever since those 2 coolers died or trid to bork my sysem I aint touching any more of their products.