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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ElementalDragon, Nov 21, 2004.

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    Anyone know of a good temp monitoring App like Motherboard Monitor which also has an on-screen display that i can have show up right on my desktop, not just in the system tray? If not, i could just use MotherBoard Monitor. just don't like the fact that there's no more updates to it. It was doing so well.
  2. dreamliner77

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    I used to use coolmon with MBM.
  3. well like both you said MBM is good.
    I personally like Speedfan it's good, it lets you control cpu fan and other fans if they have the option and if your mobo supports changing cpu fans. you can also try your cpu or mobo manufacturer's temp. monitor they have good ones usually
  4. American Zombie

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    Hmonitor is good but is not free.
    I switched to it as some newer boards (like mine) are no longer supported in MBM.
    If you beta test for the author you can get Hmonitor for free. ;)
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    Hey - but you CAN have that with MBM! It is called On Screen Display (OSD) and you can turn it on with a click in system settings, then enable it all the time or else have it "hot-keyed" as you like it....

    Check it out and stick with MBM - personally I do even more than this and run MBM along with a customised version of Rainmeter that shows my CPU temp alongside graph of utilisation and also memory useage and disc space etc... I'll send you a screenie if you are interested?