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  1. I got an coolermaster X-Dream which has a rated speed of 4800 RPM, however i can only get the fan to a speed of 2000 rpm.

    Also all my case fans are running Slow, compared to what they should be, My PSU is 330watts. my Motherboard has some Qfan thing but not sure if this is to blame.

    any help is appreciated.

    Can i plug the fans into a POWER lead like the Hard drives and cd drives are, of do i HAVE to use the FAN connectors that are indicated?

    Fans run MUCH faster with the Normal leads. but VERY slow on the FAN leads.:huh:
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    my fans spins at 2000-2500 rpm
  3. well my RIG sits at 41 degree's C, is that good? my system is in my sig.
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    your motherboard is probably having trouble distributing enough power to all the fans. if they run at all faster when plugged into the molex (drive) connectors, then your motherboard isn't supplying 12v. feel free to run them off the molex connectors. there's nothing wrong with it except:

    1 - you won't be able to monitor the speeds of your fans.
    2 - you won't have any protection oif your cpu fan dies.

    but both of those things don't mean much to me. if a fan is dead, i can usually tell when i turn it on. the cpu should have thermal protection, anyway.
  5. well, my case fans do run MUCH faster using the Other cables, im not worried about the CPU fan as that is doing its job fine.

    But i dont want all my Case fans Burning out.
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    some prefer to use a seperate power supply for extra fans
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    try disabeling the Q fan in the bios and see what that does
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    yeah... an old AT power supply is usually preferred cuz its powerful enough for quite a few fans, and it can be turned on/off as and when needed.
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    good idea. :blink:
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    You could solve those problems if you simply remove the power leads (red and black) out of the fan connector and hard-wire them to a drive Molex connector. That would leave the sense wire (yellow) in the fan header so the mobo still can monitor speed.