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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by snaarplukker, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. snaarplukker

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    Hi all,

    Can somebody explane what exactly is the difference between een 'normal' cpu and a 'boxed cpu' ?

    Thx from a pc-newbie :p
  2. silent_bob

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    probably about 50 quid!!

    Seriously tho, A boxed CPU probably comes with a manual for installing it (why i dont know!) and loadsa leaflets, whereas an OEM (or unboxed) CPU comes on its loansome in an antistatic bag. The OEM ones are the same chip just cheaper cos they dont come with all of the bumf!

    [I think OEM is the right term to use, if not im sure someone will correct me!]

    Hope this answers ur Q
  3. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Retail (boxed) gives you a warranty, certificate of authenticy, heatsink and fan. OEM (correct, silent_bob ;) ) offers no warranty, no certificate, and no heatsink/fan. I'd opt for the retail if you can get it at a reasonble cost.
  4. AmarSingh

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    over here in Canada, OEM comes with waranty, but it will be from the place of sale, not the manufacturer, and its usually shorter. I myself would save the $X and get the OEM version unless there was only a small difference in price. I figure if something is gonna fail, it will do so pretty quick so i can get a new one under warranty.
  5. silent_bob

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    yeah its the same in the uk as far as i know (its a year i think)
  6. snaarplukker

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    Thx for the reply's,

    I thought there was a difference in performance or something but that wasn't....

    Thx again