Couple Of Windows XP Questions.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stuppy, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. stuppy

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    I am running Windows XP Pro build 2600 and am having a couple problems with it. They are more to do with asthetics and lazyness :)

    Problem One
    I use ICQ quite alot. And have now got ICQ 2001b (the latest build) because 2000b wouldnt run properly. The way i have my contact list is kinda like floating to the right of the screen. Not right up against it , just away from it, but when i run counter-strike, or nething that changes my res to lower, it shrinks the box and i have re-size it. Is there anyway of telling it to keep its size all the time?

    Problem Two
    Antoher icq question ::
    When someone comes online, there is usually a flashing icon in the bottom of the screen. There isn't one anymore, i have check ALL the settings to their correct settings but it still doesnt work. Anyone had this problem and found a work around??


  2. zman

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    Howdy stuppy,

    I always kill ICQ when i play CS , due to the fact if someone messages me it brings me back to desktop :(

    Flashing Icon : I dont seem to have that issue with ICQ and XP, mine works , im trying to see if there is an option but cant find it

    sorry im not much help , im sure out of all the people here someone can be more specific or may have the same issue
  3. jw50

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    I cant tell you how to fix this problem other than to uninstall and reinstall icq. I can tell you it is not a problem with XP. I have the same problem here at work on 98. I have no problems with icq at home running XP. And I am running exactly the same versions of icq on both machines.
  4. existenz

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    I also have this ICQ problem. I do not get a flashing notice of anyone coming online, though i can hear the sound of the knocking door.

    Re-installing ICQ did not work for me...
  5. jw50

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    existenz, if you have one of the earlier versions of icq still around try uninstalling 2001b, copy the databases to a backup location, delete the icq directory from Program Files, install the older version of icq, copy the database files back, then do the upgrade to 2001b. See if that fixes the problem. It worked for me once before.
  6. stuppy

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    For anyone intersted ::

    I uninstalled latest 2001b, installed one of the later 2000b's
    then installed the one before the latest of 2001b and i have my flashy icon :D