Counterstrike responsible ?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Electronic Punk, Apr 29, 2002.

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Steinhauser ran amok in his former school firing 40 rounds from a pistol in a 20-minute frenzy. He was also carrying a legally owned pump-action shotgun, but did not use it.

    According to Der Spiegel news magazine, Steinhauser spent much of his time playing violent computer video games. His favourite was called "Counterstrike" in which anti-terror units wearing masks battle each other to death.

    Steinhaeuser also wore a black mask and dark clothes to carry out his attack.

    Well of course once again computer games are blamed, ,perhaps his class were cheaters. Steinhauser was old enough to realise that there is a serious difference between computer games and reality, if you can't then you shouldn't play them, and should prob. sit in an institute. First it was horror films, then computer games it's THE computer game.
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    Well i agree, its daft to blame a computergame, their just looking for a scape goat that cannot defend its self!

    Its rediculous! yo dont blame nascar 2002 for all of the road accidents, or MS Flight sim for the plane crashes so why blame FPS games for kids running around killing people?

    Its just plain daft!!

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    I totaly agree is sooo stupid, besides the main point of the game is your part of an *anti*-terrorist unit. Sure you can be terroists but even then you can't shoot the hostages without a penalty.

    I've been playing games since I can remember and now I almost only play FPS and I don't want to go around killing people...well somtimes, but I don't.

    People like that will do it anyway. They play the games becuase they want ot kill people, they don't play games *then* want to kill people
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    Blaming the biggest game is just iggnorant because there is alot of people playing and thats why there is a bigger risk that there is at least a few nuts playing it who would do a thing like this. What about all the other players who just smash their keyboards when they get mad?
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    Yes I have to agree, there just blaming something that can't defend itself. If this guy was "strange" enough to kill that many people, then there is no way it can be blamed on a computer game.

    Instead of blaming a game they should spend more time looking at other things that were really wrong!
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    Every time a nutcase goes beeserk they blame games or movies, im sure all us guys have played tons of violent games and watched sick movies...

    But do i feel like going and killing 20 people .... NO !!

    Damn do-gooders always try to ruin everything
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    i'd love to say one guy ruins it for everyone. in this case, it certainly does. it's going to bring a sh!tload of unwanted bad publicity for valve and sierra. who the hell takes games THAT seriously anyways? its a damn game. there's a difference between that and reality.
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    New York
    Concerning the germany massacre

    Im not sure if this was mentioned before but,
    I just wanted to know how you guys felt about the whole situaton. Robert Steinhauser killed I think about 16 people and their saying games line counter strike are to blame. Can a game really mess with a mind like that. Is a mind that warped where right and wrong is replaced by new motive. Or is this just an escape for the media and parents so the attention is drawn away from them. Bugs, Elmer, Daffy and Yosemite Sam go at it all the time. The news show more graphic images than any game out but, yet video games are always the culprit. Well speak people its what our First Amendment Right is for;)
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    Bah, it was already shown that violent games don't truly drive someone to violent acts. however it can escalate their aggressiveness if they already have malformed violent tendencies and emotional problems.

    The judge in the columbine parents vs ID/Nintendo/etc.. threw the case out before it ever got any court time.
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    Thats what the media always doo initially is blame games.

    Which as we all know is boll**ks, I'd consider myself as a gamer, and not once after playin Q3 or such like have I suddenly thought, ahh let me try it for real.

    I think these people must have some kind of mental disability in 1st place.

    If you read the whole story about this kind of thing, the person concerned has had some kind of problem (mental illness, depression etc)
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    New York
    I hear ya stuy_b but, somehow all this is put on the back burner. They try to say the game gave the person a mental disability. The ability to not differentiate between right and wrong because of playing it so many times. I concur to that it's a load of crap.
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    If the person(s) can't differentiate between right and wrong they already have a mental diability. I think that as parents/teachers/grandparents we need to steer our children away from violence (let them watch tv shows without violence, buy toys that don't promote violence, etc...). BUT I don't think playing games such as CS will bring a person to do such a heinous act. There was a stability problem there before and maybe games such as these have triggered something off and caused the violence.
    I'm sure if the family of this person looks back at his childhood they will start to realize there were problems back then, they just didn't recongnize them as a problem.
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    I wonder if he bunnyhopped...

  14. Terrahertz

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    New York
    Or ignored them. Good point Jewelzz.
  15. Jewelzz

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    Re: Crazy Actions

    your only making canada look worse than it realy is, are you french canadian might i ask?

    Unrealistic computer games like CounterStrike don't do jack sh*t for gamers aim in real life, in RL we are not strennously trainned Killers like you play in the game, have you ever shot an AK ? do you know how much it kicks? i don't think so, and in real life there is no LAG (stupid lag...) and if you try running and jumping while shooting a gun, unless you're the Punnisher you might even shoot yourself:confused: no, games don't make people kill people, stupid people make people kill people.

    one last thing, Mad props to the shooter, he had a pretty good frag raito going there, what 40 shots and 16 dead? thats pretty good. just look at columbine(pathetic bunch) shot who knows how many bullets and only killed a few.
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    I thought i read somewhere on one of the previous america school shootings, theres been so many i can't remember which one ... that the kid got 3 headshots out of 4 bullets from a pistol on moving kids... thats better than marines (crap shots anyway ;) ... and our SAS) ...

    So maybe it does make you a better shot? ...

    Anyway ... CS r0x . good job he didn't have OGC in his arm ... would of being 40 dead from 40 shots :(
  18. New Disease

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    yet another example of people looking for scape goats

    i read that they tried to blame slipknot for that attack aswell because he had one of there albums in his room.
    they also claimed that slipknot had a song on that ablum about killing your teachers and fellow pupils with shoguns..... now i have all slipknots albums and never have i heard such a song

    government dont know jack-s*it

    as for computer games being blamed, if you are influenced by a game to go killing people then there is something wrong with you and not the game