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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by yotaiji012, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. yotaiji012

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    i have
    256mb crucial 133
    asus k7v with 800 athlon slot
    66ata 40.9 maxtor
    16 dvd pioneer
    and acer 8x burner
    ati all in wonder pro 32mb

    i have latest drivers for all of these even the agp port on the motherboard

    I just put counterstrike on xp and it sucks...lags so badly especially wen i run around the left back corner of the building in the mansion map...wats goin on....

    counter strike use to run so smoothly in 98se....i thought xp would have better memory managment...

    xp does have crappy mem managment though..even wen i just leave it on...maybe because of kazaa running on my comp and aim? i have to flush the mem all the time!!!
  2. insaNity

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    I heard ATI cards have a problem with slowdowns on OpenGL in Half-Life. Try Direct3D.
    You should also be aware of the ATI Fix but don't run it *unless* you get the problem described on that page.
  3. insaNity

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    On the memory: Yes, I suspect KaZaA is causing the memory leaks, probably though its banner advertising. Try KaZaA Lite