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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Supplicium, Oct 7, 2002.

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    I have my own cs server it is running AdminMod, CSguard 8.0, Chicken mod, and Statsme. Everthing is working fine but my server goes through the router and the server is using my routers ip address which is . is not my IP address. My friend says that i have to go to my linksys settings and forward my IP address... is that true??? if yes how do i do it and if no.. how do i fix it???
    I need to get the server up to the public ASAP Thanks ~Sup
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    i have a linksys router too (good choice, btw)!

    you'll need to access the router interface. you know, go to the addy field in your browser and enter and then your password, if you have one.

    once in the interface, you'll need to go to the advanced tab and select the port forwarding tab.

    you'll need to enter the port(s) you'll be using for cs (prolly 27015 and maybe others) and then the ip of your server. click enable and then you're done!

    btw, to find the ip of your machine, go to start button, programs, accessories, system tools, command window (dos window). at the prompt, enter ipconfig. this will give you the ip of your server. that's the number you'll want to enter into the router interface, as stated in the previous paragraph.

    hope this helps.

    if you have any problems setting it up, drop me an