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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by dadx2mj, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. dadx2mj

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    Hello all, I know you can change the color of the cross hair in Counter Strike with the console command adjust_crosshair but is there any way to make the color you want stay there. Every time I start the game it is back to the default green color. Thanks for any help.
  2. oDin

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    open up your autoexec.cfg file(if you don't have one, make one). then put adjust_crosshair in it. say you type it 3 times to get the color you want. so, in your autoexec.cfg file on 3 seperate lines put adjust_crosshair.

    this is whats in my autoexec.cfg file.

    // Yellow crosshair

  3. dadx2mj

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    Thanks I 'll give it a try
  4. GraLk

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    Another question about CS.

    Is it a single/multiple player game, or only multiple player?
  5. LilBlueDawg

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    Counter-Strike is only a multiplayer game, but Counter-Strike : Condition Zero (due out in 1 or 2 months) will include single and multiplayer :)
  6. Taurus

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    "1 or 2 months"? where did you hear that? it was originally supposed to be out in august but they pushed it back a few times, as usual. at that rate, i wasn't expecting it out til next year. }:\
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    ya ... from what i see last time, it was going to be released next yr .... then some website say that it will released before the year ends