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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by SaintKaden, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. SaintKaden

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    is there a easier way to play CS with a friend , other then goin online and setting up or searching for a server....

    its anoying not to be able to chat at the same time, which brings mw to my next question, is there a way to chat with your friend before setting up the game or finding one?


    P.S. I use msn messanger but I loose all my audio when I return to the game...
  2. Bman

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    Use mIRC or AIM, much better !
  3. [CpK]Bastid

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    why dont u use the phone?
  4. Bluecat

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    Let's say you know your buddies IP address. Let's say for instance the IP is 123.456.789.321
    Get connected on Roger Wilco or the voice comm of your choice. I like RW myself. (the phone works too, hehehe)
    Make another shortcut to CS or edit your current one and add
    +connect 123.456.789.321:27015 in the target line. That will start CS and connect you right to your friends game. If you guys password protect the server, just add the password in there too, like so,
    +connect 123.456.789.321:27015;password

    About setting up the server. If you want to start a dedicated server and then join it on the same machine. Make a shortcut to hlds.exe - game cs, use the same procedure as described above but change the IP to your own and change the port for your client by adding -port 27016 to the target in your shortcut. Start the server, minimize it, then join. :)

    Leaving your MSN, AIM, Trillian, etc. will kick you to your desk if you're IM'd during the game. Best bet is to shut it off. If you do want to leave it run and get booted, just go back to your game, esc out, go back a few screens, (without exiting multiplayer) and your sound should come back. After which, you can resume play.
  5. razor_ro

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    Worst Interface....

    CS has the worst menu Interface ever,..... it has way too many problems and it f*&('s up oo easily..... 1.5 version isnt that bad now but 1.0 used to be terrible, lol .... i hope they fix it in CS: Condition Zero, btw, do i have to use Roger Wilco to connect with my friends game?? is there any other way..... i hate GAYSPY :mad: ...... i want to be able to join my buddies game that he's playing on without searching for it...... hehe, ya i know i am lazy :D ..... thx in advance,

  6. Bootsy

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    hey Bluecat is right, I've been using Roger Wilco for some time now to get together with people before entering a particular server. Works better than the in-game voice thingy too
  7. Bluecat

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    You don't need Roger Wilco at all. It's just a really simple way for the 2 of you to voice chat whether you're in-game or not. :)

    There's a few other ways to find/join your friends server also, (besides the way I described earlier). If you hate gamespy, maybe try kali. ;) <<may never be updated again :(
    You can also use the net at or
    to find players, servers, etc. and join from right there. (Very Handy) Both of those have a slight timeframe in which the server lists are updated though. So if you just started up the server, you may have to wait 5-15 minutes before it shows up there.
    (Just enough time to get a beer and errr ummm well you know ;))

  8. RA|N

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    Do you consider yourself ready to fight an bloody fight?
    join up with either the blue or the red team, in Firearms! =)) the hl mod i prefer, good community(not whine all the time as CS) an good overall mod, give it a try
  9. dijital

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    there is other voice software called Bcom i think, but i dont remember the link. i'll post it if i do.
  10. RA|N

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    battlecom(shadowfactor) was bought up by microsoft.. now its part of their sidewinder com thingy
  11. shoulin

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    146 can it get any easier... just find what server he is in and clikc the join game button
  12. [CpK]Bastid

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    used to play firearms until servers started to ban the what if it was unbalanced.........:)