Counter-Strike, Intellypoint-Driver, Mouse-Button4&5 ->BIG PROB!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by chromit, Dec 19, 2001.

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    i will try to explain whats the prob. if u dont understand what i mean, please dont close thread and read on. just ask me what i meant. thx :)

    winxp comes along with a mouse driver, which doesnt support this mouse-button4 and button5 (intellimouse optical) feature. if u wanna use this two mouse-buttons, u gotta install the intellipoint-software and drivers. i do know, that counter-strike supports this mouse4 and mouse5 buttons and it works well for me, but when i play rtcw or any other game, this buttons arent recognized. so i had to install intellypoint.
    and this is, when the probs started:

    i bound mouse4 and5 in the intellypoint software to pageup and pagedown (there is no difference which keys i bind). in counter-strike i bound this two buttons to attack2 (alternate fire) and duck(duck ;-) ). when i am joining a game, and try to zoom (alternate fire) the zomm mode activates, and deaktivates again in a row. or it just doesnt activate at all. it seems this two buttons has a kind of lag. its impossible to play with this failure, cause when u wanna zoom-out it just doest react at all, or zooms out and zooms right away in again. when i am binding alternate fire to mouse1,2 or 3 this problem just doesnt occur. its an 4 and 5 failure.

    well, ok, luckily i went into the task-manager, right clicked onto the mouse-driver, named "point32.exe" and set the priority to "higher than normal". and guess what: it worked !
    but every time i restart the personal computer, this priority is lost again, and i have to set it to "higher than normal" manually again.

    now my two questions:
    1) is there a possibility, to set the priority with lasting effekt to "higher than normal"?
    2) had somebody the same probs, and fixed it ? please tell me how.

    thx in advance
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    sorry man thats way over my head , the other guys may know the answer
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    the question hasnt this way-over-my-head-ability i think ;)

    to say it more directly: is there a way, setting the priority of running programs to a higher state automatically on winxp startup ?
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    no one can help me ?