Counter Strike Fix Found for XP

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by optout99, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. optout99

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    I have been having a lot of the same errors that many XP gamers have been having. Like "counter-strike net send packet error no error" or the game just stops and the monitor goes black. This is what I did to resolve these errors. They worked for me and I was able to play for two and half hours yesterday with no problems.

    1) Uninstall Qos packet scheduler
    2) Go to Services and disable all unnecessary services that have to do with the network or a LAN. If you don’t know you should search this forum or the Internet and disable or make manual the necessary services.
    3) Check you your modem configuration and make sure that the option to disconnect if idle to long, is unchecked and Qos packet scheduler is uninstalled.

    Sorry I wasn’t able to provide specifics on how to do each step but there is plenty of information on this forum and the Internet on how to do it. I am now playing with no problems.
  2. max

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    Im sure this will help a lot of people

    CS and all my games run perfectly on my 3 XP machines .... i am on a network ..too

    what i want to know is what Hardware people have in common on machines that CS wont run properly

    My guess is VIA :)
  3. ZipTriX

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    I have Via and NEVER had a problem with CS, even from XP v2505. Good luck to all you who do have problems.

    Oh for voice comm issues, try adding +voice_dsound 1 in the target line. See screenshot.
  4. BrimStone

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    Hey OPTOUT99

    Can you give us a list as to what services
    you disabled. my e-mail the way I use xp home

  5. ZipTriX

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    I'm running Abit KT7A-Raid (Via chipset), SB Live 5.1 Platinum, Geforce 3 and had no problems with CS.

    Screenshot attached shows enabled/disabled services.
  6. UniSol

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    The problem is as I posted in previous posts is that HL etc is known by windows to be using the Internet Connection, so it just disconnects after a while. I think if you can stop the connection drop on idle it would work but otherwise just run msn/irc in background.