Could this be a virus

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by MyJelleo, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. MyJelleo

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    Recently I recieved an email in my Hotmail account from a "Billy Kane" that had text that said:

    Hi,This is a special new game
    This game is my first work.
    You're the first player.
    I hope you would enjoy it.

    The email itself was 120k and had no attachments. The words from the letter I posted just above was all in text, (simply typed out)

    A friend told me it's possible that the letter had a hidden attachment (If anyone knows how I can tell if there is a hidden attachment, it would be helpful.)

    Anyway, has anyone recieved any email like this, not from the same person, but some characteristics?

    If so, was it a virus.
  2. jw50

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    The wording in the e-mail sounds like it might have been a virus, however hotmail scans all attachments and if the attachment was a virus hotmail may have killed it before you saw the msg. If you are still concerned just make sure you have the latest virus definitions for your software and do a complete system scan.
  3. Kaotic

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    When in doubt always scan. here are a few online scanners for you.

    House call


    And here is a completely free virus scanner. AVG
  4. dijital

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    i got that same email. i usually delete anything and everything from an unrecognized user. same thing goes for attachments.
  5. gothic

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    I go along with kaotic, scan. AVG Antivirus is very good, and it's free. It scans and certifies e-mails in and out.