corrupt or missing system file

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TonyH, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. TonyH

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    I've almost had it with windows XP! I've repaired the system file using the recovery console countless times now. After I fix it, its okay for a day or so and then the problem re-occurs. If anyone knows how to prevent this from happening, please let me know, or else its back to good old reliable Windows 98 SE!
  2. gothic

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    Give us a clue as to your system, i.e. list of hardware (there might be incompatability), any Startup programmes (there might be incompatability), etc. etc.

  3. ikester7579

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    Are you using a windows cleanup program that is xp approved? I was using mcafee clean up program that was not xp approved big mistake. had to reinstall three times before i figured it out. How old is your hard drive? Might be ready to take a dump. One other thing if your using fat 32 format with xp that causes problems. I tried it and did not stop having problems until I went with ntfs format. Hope this helps. ikester