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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by steve_uttridge, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. I know that this subject has been covered and answered on this forum but I have a slightly dif slant on it. My organisation as with most has internet access via firewalls and Proxy servers. This appears to be my problem, without a direct connection to the Windows update site by an XP machine I do not get the options to Personalize Windows Update etc. My organisation will never go for a direct connection to the internet.

    Is there any way around this issue? other than Microsoft using the good old fashioned method of posting the updates on ?

    thanks in advance.

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    hi sorta dont understand what you mean , my XP machines are behind 2K server + firewall ..... and i can use windows update for the XP machines

    Im sure windows update uses port 80 as I can update the XP boxes using win update no problem ....

    I download the files, put them on CD then install them on the other machines

    might help
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    Well it might help except there aren't any patches for Windows XP on the Corporate Update site. Any idea when or if MS will add them? I use this all the time for previous versions and put it on CD as you suggest.

    I am not keen to run Windows Update on every machine in the enterprise!
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    Maybe a temporary solution for your problem would be to just connect on a dial-up modem for the updates.