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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by robin.munro, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. robin.munro

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    Is there a corporate key that starts CM7JP?

    Because I 'aquired' it and did a clean install, and have had it running for 4-5 hours and it has mentioned nothing about activation. There is no visible place to click to activate it either???

    I did do a quick format in NTFS over a corrupt activated version - but you would still expect to ask for activation. :confused:
  2. LPDad

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    Just out of curiosity..

    I popped CM7JP into google, and guess what came up.

    Simply amazing:cool:

    /me shakes his head
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    I did the search too! haha!! too funny! to my understanding, typing in a corporate key will NOT remove the activation. what is required is a regular Windows XP Pro with some files replaced by corporate version (as devils... did) along with a coporate key.
  4. Reg

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    Um... There are different versions of Windows XP:

    Windows XP Home: Requires valid Windows XP Home key and activation.

    Windows XP Pro: Requires valid Windows XP Pro key and activation.

    Windows XP Pro (Corp Edition): Requires Valid XP Corporate Volume License key. No activation required.

    The difference between Pro and Pro Corp is that one requires activation, the other does not. Due to Imaging laws, Microsoft could not charge a customer for imaging a machine if the user owned a license to run Windows on that machine. Because of this, Microsoft had to remove activation from the Corporate Edition of Pro. Otherwise, if a business customer decided to image a computer back to their set defaults, they would either have to maintain an image for every machine or pay for activation keys every time they imaged a computer.
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    i also did the google search...can you say PRINTSCREEN lol...i had to look at the cached page though
  6. gonaads

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    Oooooh that Cached Page. Oh boy! Cha Ching! LOL!!!:rolleyes:
  7. jamal

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    its gone now...
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  9. MiseryQv2.0

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    For a forum that does'nt advocate piracy,,, We sure advicate...
  10. LPDad

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    It is now MAJOR News...

    Just about every tech site/tech show is having discussions on this whole issue. At what point does it cease to be a taboo subject???

    I would venture that once it becomes big news, and a major topic of conversation--whever that "point" is-- then the whole thing becomes an open forum. (as long as you are not saying "Here is a free copy you can have, come and get it!!")
    Fortunately or Unfortunately this whole fiasco is MOST PROBABLY going to have FAR Reaching consequences for everyone.

  11. robin.munro

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    Exactly LPDad, we use these forums to share and learn information.

    I did not offer or ask for a link, therfore I am not promoting pirated software
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    Cache page still there as at 10 minutes ago.
  13. MiseryQv2.0

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    The point is openly discussing CD keys gets forums in trouble...

    Is asking if a partial cd key is valid any different than asking if the whole key is valid?!? I think not...

    At what point does is this not acceptable?!?





  14. robin.munro

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    Let’s see…..

    There are 26 letters in the English alphabet + 10 possible digits, now that makes 36.

    That means with the information I gave you, you have a 36 to the power of 20 of guessing the entire reg key, now with my poor mathematical skills that comes to 13367494538843734067838845976576 to 1 chance!

    Mate, get down to the newsagents and get some lottery tickets! You will be minted in no time!

    I am no moderator but I think the topic is done for now and should be closed because it has ended up being just ridiculous.

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