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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TheKungFuMan, Apr 21, 2002.

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    Whether this line of questioning is legite or not i dunno, but here goes.

    I have friends from whom i can get cd-roms containing downloaded games and software (some of which is potentially useful to my university course). These games obviously are burned and copied.

    Now when i put them into my DVD-Rom drive i listen and i hear the DVD spinning and trying to be read... but to little avail. And if it does get read it often can take 10 minutes to open a folder. I have one disc which i have no problem with. The plastic disc in the center of it is blue.

    The same CD-Roms when played on a friends PC run with no problem at all! They have the same DVD-Rom drive as me and the same software. However they have a different OS. I was wondering if anybody knows why this happens and if so is there a way around it? I am reluctant to accuse XP of being a stoopid OS since it is the one that i have to use on my computer cos i can't afford a new one!!
    Puleezeeee help!!

    Many thanks!:D
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    is your firmware up to date? and if you can try this...take your dvdrom drive and try it in your friends comp.
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    2 things come to mind. Either the copied disks are of poor quality (such as cheaper disks) or your dvd lens needs cleaned. I have seen both happen. I have bought some cdr's that I thought were pretty good and in fact most were. But the last 15 of the 50 spool were no good as they would only work on one cd-rom. I must have tried 5 others without success. As for cleaning the dvd I have seen people use a cd-rom cleaner disk which helped. as for me I take apart the cd-roms and manually clean them.
    Since I have changed to more expensive cdr's I have not had a bad disk yet on 4 different types of cdr or cdrw.
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    another reason why it pays to buy quality/more expensive cdrs