cooling fan inside my case

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by dayle, Oct 22, 2002.

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    i just opened up mu case today after 3 months and cleaned it throughly .i took off every part and cleaned it..

    does anyone know if my cooling fans shold rotate clockwise or anticlockwise . facing the inside of my pc

    please tell me which image should face inside my tower
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    First thing - this thread should be moved to hardware right??


    I reckon the fan should rotate so that it blows cool air into the box forcing the warmer air out of the vents. The actual direction of rotation will depend on which way the blades are set. But this should be easy to test.

    If you think it's blowing the wrong way turn the fan around.

    Reversing the polarity of the fan may turn the blades in the opposite direction but this could reduce the effciency of the fan or simply damage it electrically.

  3. xsivforce

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    Where is the fan location? If it is in the front of the case, it should blow in. If it is at the rear, it should blow out.
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    This has been discussed already in another thread right? I recognize the pic.
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    According to pic #2 the fan rotates anticlockwise.
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    i like my test for fan rotation: power up the system with the fan plugged in but not mounted and feelt the friggin breeze... then point it where ever you want!
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    sorry guys i never knew this post made it through..ive put ip another thread cos i never knew this existed

    ive already got suggestions and implemented them..too bad i cant delete this post

    sorry once again
    thanks for all the responses anyways