Coolermaster stacker 830

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    I took a good look at this case today and i really like it. Its huge and seems quite rugged with plenty of room for expansion. Ill be adding water cooling later on ... but for now I ran across some 800rpm 8.5 db fans 120mm but only have 33.5 CFM. My question is ..with this case ... sporting a possible 7 120mm fans ... if i used all 33.5CFM would that be sufficient to cool the case?

    asus a8n32sli deluxe
    2 gigs Mushkin Black Line
    xfx 8800gtx (will be 2 in a month)

    I guess the question is ... in everyones experience computers ... what would be an overkill CFM for a 20% overclocker?

    Thanks in advance
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    For 7 quality and thats the key here... QUALITY quiet 120mm fans you will pay enough that you should just bite the bullet and buy a water-cooling system...

    I would reccomend you go with a good CPU and GPU coolers ZALMAN comes to mind and then (4x or 5) 120mm fans anymore is TOTAL overkill...

    just my $.02.... hope it helps...
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    yeah agree with mla, i'm only using 2 high quality zalman 120mm fans in my hi end machine one to pull in air the over the exhaust air and using a zalman h&f for my cpu. thats really more than enough to be honest... especially with the new core 2 duos that emit 60% less heat, its not like the p4 days anymore.

    oh edit: guess your using an fx55, don't waste your money buy a core 2 duo, a 6400 is cheaper and far faster than the fx55, run cooler etc...

    look at this link and see for yourself...

    also the 6400 is $222.00


    fx55 well actually they don't seem to sell them anymore, but they about the same price....

    either way the 6400 is so much better.... it'll be a crazy mistake to waste your money on an fx, it'll be like buying a dodge when you could buy a bmw for the same price.
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