Coolbits 1.0/2.0 Issues

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by champ2005, Aug 22, 2004.

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    I've been having problems overclocking my FX5600 with drivers newer than the 56.72 release. I install the coolbits hack version 1 or version 2, then proceed to o/c my card to 345/550 up from 325/501 (the 256mb has slower memory than the 128mb version). In 56.72 i get a sizeable performance increase, but if i use 61.76/61.77/65.62, my framerate goes rock bottom. for testing i used 3dmark2001se/3dmark03, and in both the framerate drops from say 90 to about 40. The rendering also seems jerky, as if it renders a few frames then pauses.
    Turning the overclocking feature of doesnt change anything, i have to reboot before the framerate goes back to what it was in the first place.
    Just to check i ran Everest (AIDA32) to check that the GPU/memory overclocked properly, and indeed it reported 345/550.
    has anyone else had this problem?