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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ThePunkerGuy, Dec 3, 2001.

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    Ok.. maybe I can get some help here... I have been looking around online for some great computer cases.. mainly what i want out of the case is that it has a couple fans blowing in on the side to cool the pci cards ect.. and a nice size fan in the front and one in the back.. i plan on adding at least one decent blowhole in the top.. anything better would be great. I also want great modding capabilities with this case.. Mid or Full will work.. but i only have like a max of $160 for the case and powersupply.. need at least a 350watt psu. I am getting a athlon xp 1900 in it. I want this case to be super cool and super moddable.. i know that might be a little excessive but thats what i would like.. so if anyone could help point me in the right direction of some sites with really good cases that arent like $200 please help.. thank you!
    - Mike
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    buy a 350 watt power supply by itself.. 19bucks on pricewatch..
    then find ur self a nice cardboard box.. which is in good condition.. dont get one with dents in it or something. Then tear up an old computer of yours.. still atx and get the power switch out of it.. rig it all together. and voila.. a case which cost you 20 bucks.. how much better can u get.. anyway, if you dont have the start button from old computer.. u can jump start it too.. not sure on the exact process but i saw it done at a lan party once. some kid held two wires together.. a little spark..and the computer startd. Anyway, good luck with the case endevour.
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    Go to

    I just finished hunting for a new case and they have the best selection of cases I've found anywhere.
    I ended up getting a Directron IMT4000, which is a black and silver midtower with two big closable vents on the sides with attachments for 8cm fans.

    It's a good case and the others are pretty cool too.

    I ended up returning the IMT4000 for looks reasons, and now have an Antec 830x which kicks ass.
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    :) this might suit your needs.
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    just finished putting my new Lian - Li Pc 61 to gether :)
    it was expensive but its worth it :)
    got it from
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    I personnally like for selection and good customer service. Though they have no technical service overall their prices are competative.
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    little up in price but its tight.
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    ^^Yea what he said^^
    They have a BUNCH of cases. I have Solid 106, shipping took about 3 days. No complaints here about :)
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    Now that I found a site with the SLK 800 in stock...I need to find one or wait for one that has a Tornado fan in (Are they even out yet?)

    lol...thnx catch
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    Buy a large $50 case and mod it... i love to do that.
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    I bought 2 MSI nforce's. they are cheap solution for a workstation and a good family PC, cost me $300 with Athlon XP1800 and 256 DDR and fan. Plugged a hardrive 80 gig and buner and dvd. grand Total $600+shipping and taxes. great deal. the video Geforce 2 mx video is very good, you can play all games you want in there....If you configure the card correctly. the BIOS is a bit hard to tweak. can't wait to have the nforce2 available.
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    Look at a Lian Li, or a Coolermaster
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    The 201 Series is much better.
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    But it doesn't have the ultra sexy glass front.

    the 201 is a copy of the lian li's... with a couple of filters up front...

    the glass front is what sets this case out from the rest =)...
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