Cookies not being used by websites? Aaargh!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pinipatel, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. pinipatel

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    Hi folks,

    just a quick one if someone can help me.

    decided to uninstall Cookie Wall for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and now having problems.

    Cookies are being stored in my Temp Int Files folder, but for some reason websites are not using them!

    The cookies are there, I can see them in the folder, but any websites I surf to just seems to ignore them and behave as if I'm someone new,

    I've tried all the usual suspects, namely deleting temp folder, playing around with the Internet Options-Advanced, etc. but still no joy.

    Can anyone please help, as if i get asked to login or register once more by i'll go ape****.



    p.s. i've tried reinstalling cookie wall, and it's not registering any cookies at all, even though they are still there in the temp folder.
  2. baser5nature

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    Ontario, Canada
    need a little more info...

    what browser are you using?
    do you have any other firewall or antivirus software that might be blocking retrieval of cookies by websites? you can accept them but not let them be read in some software...

    edit: oh yeah: cookies are stored in the following path

    c:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Cookies\
  3. pinipatel

    pinipatel OSNN Junior Addict

    i'm using ie 6, and everything seemed dandy until all this broke loose...

    however, i think everything is aok now, i installed cookiewall again, and it's started displaying the cookies. about the same time, i can use the ntfs website now without having to login everytime. weird huh?

    thanks for the reply though, it just seemed to fix itself (as if it ever does though, i'm sure it'll go titsup and i'll have to reinstall xp)