converted to ntfs=slow down

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by XG8, May 21, 2002.

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    I just converted my drive from fat32 to ntfs now, i was supprised now to see that it seems to be slower during bootup.. even when im in windows when i have only 2 things in system tray booting up its slow as accessing menus/turn stuff of with the mouse even though it was quicker in fat32.!

    Im using WinXP PRO
    30gig quantum 7200rpm ATA100 drive

    So far ive used diskkeeper 7 and done a chkdks but everything seems ok there.

    If its slow booting up slower surely it cant be good....

    rest of my system specs are below.
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    The slow down could be related to converting your filing system half way through. I would reformat and start fresh using the NTFS. But, if your boot just seems to be slow, try a boot optimizer such as bootVis (can be found on the MS website).
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    DONT use FAT32 with XP!!.. geeez!!

    NTFS, isnt faster than FAT32, but XPs security and tracking works best with NTFS.

    As madmatt said.. try running bootvis. goto microsoft downloads.
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    HEHE yeah im an ex win98se jockey :p :)

    Yeah thanks for tip about BOOTVIS madmatt, it did the job... all is sweet. :)

    Now i can get some shut eye in down under :)

    thanks again...

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    if you want to use ntfs, the best way is to do a completely fresh install. converting often causes problems for users.