convert FAT32 to NTFS partition

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by garanzia, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. garanzia

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    i already read the article from microsoft how to convert Fat32 to ntfs . it is safe for my data ?? and will not effect to installed program. i have two partition of my 40GB hdd .

    ASUS TUV4X r1003
    Intel Celeron 950MHz ( overclock to 1300MHz)
    512 MB Kingston 133MHz
    riva tnt2 m64 32mb
    1 52X cdrom
    1 ricoh 8832 cdrw
    1 sony 16X dvdrom
    Sound Blaster Live 5.1
    aztech 56k modem
    Promise Ultra 133Mhz IDE Controller
    intel network card
  2. Lonman

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    I agree, if you don't have a specific security need at the moment, your best bet would be to do a full format on your next installation. Some folks report bad mojo converting.
  3. Reg

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    I've done about 300 successful conversions without any problems. For the most part, it works pretty good. I would recommend what everyone else has said though, simply convert to NTFS on a fresh install. The reason is because NTFS has a higher bit overhead. Thus, files on your computer will take up more space on your HD.
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    I would recommend Partition Magic Pro 7. I use this whenever I need to convert any partitions, and have never experienced any problems. It is a remarkable piece of software, and even lets you convert from NTFS back to FAT 32!!!!!
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    eh what?
  6. Reg

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    I actually meant that when you do a fresh install, format to NTFS versus converting the drive. What I have found from my over 500 installs of XP Home and Pro on similar machines is that formatting to NTFS during the installation cuts down the boot time than from converting to NTFS after installing FAT 32. I've noticed that machines that run FAT 32 (P4 1.6) boot in about 20 seconds after the XP logo shows up. Computers that were converted to NTFS took about 15 - 18 seconds. The computers that we initially formatted with NTFS took only 10-12 seconds.