Convert DVR-MS to DivX/XviD ???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dennis T, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. Dennis T

    Dennis T OSNN Junior Addict

    Just starting using Media Centre 2005. Am knocked out by its simplicity!!

    Love the TV recording, but the files are MASSIVE!!!
    Anyone come across a decent util to convert these files to DivX/XivD to save a disk space ??

    Have tried all my "normal" stuff that I use for MPEG1/2/4 but nothing will read the files.. MS say they are "working with others" to make this possible.

    BTW, the quality of the recordings (via WinTV DVB-T) is brilliant, but the size of those files............
  2. jpom

    jpom OSNN Addict

    I've never changed them into divx/xvid. But I have found 2 programs that use them. TO convert I use arcsoft showbiz 2, it will convert the dvr-ms file into a mpeg2 file when you import it, from there it should be a simple matter to convert to xvid/divx.

    I have also found that you can intall the demo of intervideo WinDVD Creator 2 on a regular WINXP computer and it must install some sort of codec and that allows you to view the dvr-ms file in WMP and/or PowerDVD, possibly others but those are the only ones I have tried. I'm not sure if you can convert the files with other programs after installing WinDVD Creator 2 demo though, since I have always used arcsoft for that.

    Apparently DVR-MS files are just MPEG2 files with a little extra and there is supposed to be an easy way to use them but I have yet to find it.

  3. Dennis T

    Dennis T OSNN Junior Addict

    You're right about the codecs from DVD proggy's. It does use them. But for some reason they canotloadthem into "conversion" proggy's !!