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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Ramanuman, Aug 17, 2003.

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    I was reading through Bman's thread concerning the context menu, and I thought I'd share a little discovery, in case you've never heard about it.

    There's a litle context menu add-on you can download here, and which will add a few very useful features (at least for me) to it.
    It's called rjh extensions, and can add the following options :
    -Duplicate Files (like copy&paste in one click, and adds a "(1)", "(2)", "(3)", etc. at the end of the file's name, instead of "copy of" at the beginning)
    -Rename Files (for batch renaming of files)
    -Encrypt Files
    -Shred Files
    -Path to Clipboard
    -Command Prompt
    -Print Directory List
    -Save Directory List

    At some point I tried 12ghosts' ShellEx app, and actually liked it a lot. It was a lot more configurable. Plus you could add/remove pretty much whatever you wanted to your context menu. Even run programs from it.
    But, at the price the'yre asking for it, I think I'll stick with free rjh for the time being.

    (And thanks to Enyo for contextedit. :) )
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    i have been using a similar program for very long now called shelltoysXP it has loads of handy features located in the context menu... unfortanetly its not free :(
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    Re: Re: Context menu add-on

    You wouldn't happen to have the help file handy, would you ?
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    Thank you sir! :)
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    I use the following:
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    Shelltoysxp baby!
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    Yeah..., baby!
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    Nifty! I'm going to try this out :)
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    Here's one for you all : How would you take away the "Copy to Audio CD" option in the context menu, for audio files ?
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