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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jerenia, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. jerenia

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    Hello All, I made the mistake of creating a password for Content Advisor. Would someone please tell me how to remove the password without causing my Internet Explorer Browser to become inoperable. I understand that this can happen. Thank you!
  2. DrMetallica

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    Bullpoopie, you've been looking at pornographic images, and your nan/mum/dad/pop has put a password on the content of wich you view.

    they put it on for a good reason.

    now go play with your legos and play-doh.

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  3. lol , DrMetallica i wonder what language u used.
    and really , u dont accidentaly put a password on something , and then forget it.
  4. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    X-Setup will get rid of the password for you. It's free and the best tweak program out there. Use at your own risk...
  5. jerenia

    jerenia Guest

    I am not a child, I have not been watching porn on the internet. I was getting pop-ups and thought content advisor wasn't working, so I put a password in. Everytime I go to a web site I have to to put my password in. I am a senior citizen and there are no children in our home. I think the remark was uncalled for!

    Thank you, Mafiafrommrussia and Snookbooger for your help. I got my first computer last year and I do need help now and then. When I joined this Forum I asked if I was to old and was told that I wasn't. Perhaps I am. The remark has upset me very much! I thought these Forums were here to help us.

    I won't post at this Forum anymore. By the way, I am sixty-nine years old.
  6. hey every one needs help from time to time. but still u always have to remmber your passwords. and never write them down anywhere always keep it in your head. and for pop ups u can use pop up stoper from or find some other once. good luck
  7. jerenia

    jerenia Guest

    I have my password, that is not the problem. I want the password removed so that I won't have to put my password in everytime I surf the internet.
  8. jamichel2000

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    To remove it go under Internet Options/Content and click on Disable, you will have to put your password again but for the last time.....:D
  9. jerenia

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    Thank you, Jamichel. I followed your instructions and it worked! Thank you again!:)
  10. Jewelzz

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    jerenia: Don't let one persons remarks keep you from posting and reading our forums. Sometimes people speak before they think! Hope to see you posting again.

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  11. jerenia

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    Thank you!
  12. jamichel2000

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    No problem jerenia and happy that I helped you out, come here again, nice to have you around :cool: