Conspiracy Theory #1

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Phantom_24, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. Phantom_24

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    Just noticed this today in the latest issue of Computer Shopper!!

    In one review they have the new Motorola V70 phone...sleek and very cool! In another ad for some computer company called ZT Group, the case has a VERY FAMILIAR artifact in the front of the computer case!

    See the case here on the front page:

    And the pic of the phone I am including......

    Now I have traced a SIMILAR case over at but the front bezel SEEMS to have been changed a bit. But just thought this was a bit TOO similar between the 2 it one is a phone and one is a computer case !

  2. Phantom_24

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    Now another strange thing I noticed was that the case in the magazine ad has the model number V770 on the case, while the phone model is V70!!

    Any industry insiders have the scoop on this ??
  3. Phantom_24

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    Both even have the little silver toggle switch in the same place !
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    Wow and I thought I had to much free time.........
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    Nah......I just need to get a girlfriend....

    Mwa hahaha