Conroe mem speed???

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    I'm not an overclocker and I'm guessing since then I wouldn't need anything higher than ddr2-667. Actually ddr2-533 since the fsb on the conroe is 266. So would I be crazy for going with ddr2-667 instead of ddr2-800. I'm not seeing a tangible benefit since I'm not going to be overclocking my E6600 with an Abit ab9 (non pro).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hopefully I get a chance to look at the answers before my ISP change happens because I might be without internet for a few days!!!! :dead:
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    Everything I've seen says that you need the DDR2-800 memory to match the speed of the older DDR memory since the DDR2 has higher latency.

    The lack of -800 RAM was the reason AMD delayed it's AM2 MB's so long.

    That said the answer gets more complicated because at 266 FSB you won't be running DDR2-800 syncronously which will impact performance. I'm not sure if the -667 will be running synchronously either since the 2.5 multiplier is not an integer. Only 533 will be running synchronous and that is way too slow a RAM speed for DDR2.

    Is ther a 333 or 400 Conroe version? I don't do Intel (yet).
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