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    Ok guys and gals I need your expertise. I have been running Windows 98SE for years with no problems until a few months ago so I finally installed the full version of XP HE. I have been playing Return To Castle Wolfenstein MP for a couple of years now when I was running 98 my ping online was 60 - 95 usually never over 100. Now with XP I am getting ping from 200 - 600. Very big difference in perormance. I have taken steps to free up system resources, downloaded the latest drivers for my cable modem but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help?

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    How did you set up your network/Nic connections to your modem? Did you let XP handle it (usually the best bet), or did you use your ISP's setup disk.

    How are your other download/upload speeds? Have they also dropped?

    Seems to be a configuration problem of some sort. Nothing to do with resources.
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