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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by booth17, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. booth17

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    I am currently running windows xp pro and have broadband.

    Everytime i start my pc up i have to double click an icon to connect to my broadband i have disabled some options when connecting such as ask for user id and password but i am looking for a way to let my computer connect automatically when my pc starts up so i do not have to doubleclick anything to connect???

    its an internal pci conexant modem im using if that helps.

    Any help would be great


    Jamie Booth
  2. Daviepants

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    Is it Cable or DSL? And you're using an internal Broadband modem?
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    can't you put this icon (or a shorcut to it) into the startup folder?
  5. booth17

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    Placing an icon in the startup folder or scheduled tasks doesnt make it run on startup for some odd reason cos the name kinda states that it should

    it used to work on win98 placing it in the startup folder but not xp any suggestions..

    my broadband connection is dsl..

  6. arson_nick

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    Try putting IE in your startup folder and setting it to "dial" the dsl connection when it starts. Windows has to start the pppoe service used to connect to dsl. This can take two or three minutes depending on your system and what other things run at startup. Or you can just get a router and have it connected all the time.
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    I've hit this one - it ain't worth the hassle (trust me!) what happens is you never know how long your BB provider takes to light up - so you're always screwed.... I just use a short cut on my desktop... you can drop it to the task bar if you prefer... and if you feel secure enough - go for the "always on" option - not my cup of tea - but I am OLD (enuff).... he he he
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    Hmm, problem I had not considered. Internal DSL modem is not instant on.

    You're hosed.

    The modem takes up to 90-180 seconds to negotiate a connection to your ISP. Windows is way past checking for an internet connection by then so you have to tell it to check again after the modem connection is established.

    Suddenly my way too big, way too hot, external DSL modem is looking better. :) I leave it & the router on all the time.

    You may be able to schedule this task, but there will still be a 2-3 minute delay between power on and connected. Try this:

    schedule the program

    ipconfig /renew

    to run the required time after start (60-90-whatever you can get by with seconds). The /renew parameter tells it to go out and get a new DHCP lease from the ISP. Ipconfig is part of windows.

    PS This is only a problem becasue Win xp and 2000 in a new system boot so fast. If the boot took longer you could auto connect. The price of life in the fast lane...