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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Spider, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. Spider

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    This may sound silly but I have no idea wot to do!
    I got an internal PCI modem which hasn't been installed. I got no drivers for it tho! Tried doing a search for the drivers, but there's a problem, i dont know the model number! This came with the MoBo and hence got documentation with it. How do i detect which model it is and where do i get the drivers for it? I tried windows update, it didnt work! :(
    any help is appreciated!
  2. Dagrafixman

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    go into system properties(rt. click my computer) Lt. click properties,and then click hardware tab.

    you will see: Modems this is listed in the box. Click on the + mark next to it to see all information on installed modem, such as model etc... then you can go to Conexant to get the proper driver!
  3. SPeedY_B

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    If you can, buy a new modem, an external hardware modem, from experience i'd say conexant are nothing but trouble and they waste resources (due to them not being fully hardware powered, they use cpu cycles to perform certain tasks)
  4. PC-Dude

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    He said it wasn't installed so it won't show up in the Device Manager.

    What you will have to do is remove the modem and write down all the serial #'s and chipset info and do a search on and you should find something there.

    I have to do this everyday when working on computers, most people who bring me a computer to be formatted don't have any of the driver Cd's so I gotta look for the drivers myself.
  5. Dagrafixman

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    ok I misunderstood, I thought he said that it was an
    on- motherboard PCI modem.
  6. PC-Dude

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    No Problemo :)

    Conexant or Rockwell based modems can be quite a pain to install sometimes. So he may be in for some fun :D
  7. pacou

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    your's modem use standard driver in the base of microsoft
  8. mbunny

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    The best advice is to go buy an external modem. Software modems suck major ass!!!

    Just go spend a little more money on a v.92 _hardware_ modem =)
  9. PC-Dude

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    I agree 100%, when it comes to modems make sure it's a hardware modem, if you want a real good one get an external.
  10. Dagrafixman

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    if it is available, and you can afford it, get DSL or Cable! I have Verizon and pay $34.95 US a month ever since DSL came out.
  11. dave holbon

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    All the advice so far concerning software modems is correct; they are a real pain unless you are an expert at configuring modem/comm.’s. I used this modem for ages and once configured correctly, worked fine but it was not stable and produced unreliable results.

    XP has a basic driver (K56 Flex) that works with this modem, try it. You will have to select it manually during the detect scan.

    As everyone else has said though external hardware modems are more reliable, just make sure that you get a “plug and play” compatible version that does not need a hardware re-scan to load the drives if you forger to switch it on before you boot.
  12. pacou

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    ouf, one people advised !!!!!