Concurrent Remote Desktop Script

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kcnychief, Jul 11, 2005.

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    I want to enable more than one user at a time (concurrent) on Windows XP SP2 computers. I know how....

    "Before proceeding, please note the PC must be running Windows XP Professional with SP2 or this will not work.

    Here is what you will need...

    1. termsrv.dl_ (in case you want too add to a Slipstreamed CD)
    2. termsrv.dll
    3. Concurrent Remote sessions SP2.reg

    Here is what to do....

    Ok, so heres what to do

    1. extract the zip...
    2. Right click on the reg file and press merge, (Click yes when it asks you)
    3. Reboot in safe mode
    4. copy the termserv.dll too these 2 folders

    a) C:\WINDOWS\system32
    b) C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386

    (either make a copy of your original or rename the old one too .bak)


    My question is, how would I do this in a script? I want to push it out at login "run-once", but I don't know how I would effect the safe mode aspect. I'm not great at scripting, so I'm not sure if this is possible or not.

    EDIT: I do have the files I need, just need to know how to script it.