Concert Tickets: Please explain to me ...

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by AllWeatherGal, Nov 4, 2007.

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    ... how I was able to purchase tickets before they "went on sale"?

    I know it's not a PC/Windows based question (unless you consider that I made the purchases on my Dell notebook running XP with the latest Firefox browser) ... but I know y'all know this stuff.

    So, I heard on the radio that tickets will go on sale next Friday to the general public, but are available now to AmEx cardholders. I went online to see if I could get an AmEx, but due to not being employed, it wasn't to be.

    Then I checked around, and found quite a few sites selling tickets. WELL over the face value, of course. So, I could rearrange my Thursday and Friday to stand in line/hang on the phones to try to purchase tickets ... wait and pray that I win some radio show contest, or just suck it up and pay the opportunity cost for "guaranteed full view" seats.

    I selected the section and the row. One site (I wanted four tickets and they were limited to 2 each) already sent back confirmation with the seat numbers ...

    How was I able to do this?

    ... and don't I get any credit here for starting these randomly entertaining (?) threads? Jeepers ...

    ok ... I await responses from your collective wisdoms.