Computer restarts when told to shut down...cause unknown

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dcdlking, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. dcdlking

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    when i click shut down the bastard restarts, i fixed this prob by reformatting =) cuz i was fed-up w/ trying to find the error specifically.... its been doing well until awhile ago when i notice the same problem!.... i've installed soo many apps and progs etc that i dunno what could be causing the problem... any ideas people? similar / identical situations u can relate to?
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    what mb are you running? it could be you need to update your bios , or clear cmos and reboot.
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    If XP has a system failure during shutdown, it will automatically restart to try and repair the problem.
    To disable this feature, right click my computer, click advanced tab, under start up and recovery click settings and uncheck system reboot under system failure.

    Have you checked in admin' tools in event viewer to see what the problem is ?
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    i had the same problem....

    ... after i installed Easy CD-Creator 5 Platinum
    the problem was solved after i uninstalled the prog
    using Nero now; works fine
    hope this helps
    best regards
  6. kenco

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    Roxio Ezcd 5 XP

    You need to go to Roxio's website and run the XP updater. Basically, if have any usb devices plugged in while ezcd5 is installed, the computer won't shut down.

    Running their patch fixes the problem (and also disables the Take Two program, which is incompatable with XP anyway).


  7. m@ck

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    thanks kenco

    i will do that :D

    thanks for the help


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    I think every day there is a new way to get EasyCD creator running in XP. Why the heck can't Roxio get the act together and release a proper program that will run in XP without having to do an Indian rain dance to try and get it to work right. It seems that unless you sacrafice your 1st born to the pegan gods Easy CD creator won't run right. Just use Nero, it doesnt have half the problems that the stupid GayCD Creator has.
  9. dcdlking

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    note***.... easy cd creator works fine for me, i dont use any of the stupid add-ons...just the cd creator.. and i already illiminated as the cause of my problems.
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    Understood, but..

    Have you run the XP patch from Roxio's site anyway? Even if you just use the CD creating part of the package, the patch is required, as it fixes a known bug where, if you have usb devices connected and have Ezcd5 installed in Windows XP, the machine will not shut down properly and instead will reboot itself.

    It might be worth checking some of your apps to see if there are any other updates that are required for them to run under XP without causing strange things to happen.


  11. dcdlking

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    the reason i have established it isn't roxio's product causing the problem

    1) i have updated and installed the xp fix... none work
    2) i have uninstalled ezcd completely, but i still get the error, so how can it be easy cd?

    ez cd is always one of the 1st things i install... i didn't start noticing this damn error again for a few weeks after i recently reformatted.

    --- if i get desperate this weekend, i'll delete programs one-by-one until the problem goes away... if that doesn't work, i'll reformat again, and install programs one by one, and restart each time checking for the problem, it seems time consuming but probably the only way ---