computer restarts by itself...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mousetap, Feb 11, 2002.

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    before i start with my questing here is some info about the computer that restarts itself.

    as far as hardware goes...
    -intel PIII 500
    -abit be6-v2.0 raid pIII motherboard
    -2 x 256mb pc133 sdram
    -ibm deskstar 60GB 7200rpm ata 100 hard drive
    -pioneer 10x dvd rom
    -ati all in wonder 128 32 mb agp video card
    -floppy drive

    the weird thing about this is...everytime i format the hard drive and install a new operating system it stays like a "baby." but after starts to restart itself.

    i tried every single thing i could think of...but it still have the problem. everytime i install xp...i have trouble installing my hard-drive controller. it is hpt370 udma/ata 100 raid controller by highpoint. xp and windows 2000 says the driver cetificate is not approved by microsoft.

    i even updated my bios and used the resent driver from now i am runout of options...

    i don't know what to do for this...? can u please give me a hand on this?

    thank you...
  2. Lactic.Acid

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    The restarting could be a bad power-supply, overheating components or other things. Check those first.
  3. dieot

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    Try using different memory modules to see if you have a leakage on any of the chips. Memory leakage will result in random restarts on the defected system. I noticed that you have two modules of 256MB SDRAM, try taking them both out and putting only one of them at a time into the system to see if you will get the same results. If your computer randomly restarts when either one of the 256MB modules then you will know that one is the one with the leakage.
    Also consider updating your video card drivers. Sometimes poor Vram (located on the video card) management performed by certain video card drivers in relation with the OS will cause random restarts and blue screens.


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    If XP has a system failure during shutdown it will automatically restart to try and fix the problem.
    To disable this feature right click MY COMPUTER choose PROPERTIES, ADVANCED, under STARTUP and RECOVERY, click SETTINGS, and uncheck SYSTEM REBOOT under SYSTEM FAILURE..
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    my power cable to the mobo is loose and sometimes it loses power and restarts. see if that's loose.