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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ECO, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. ECO

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    One time I was on the computer I tried opening my browser and I received an error. I tried other programs that utilize my internet connection and I always got an error that seemed to be affiliated with wininet.dll. I restarted the computer successfully from Windows and waited for the computer to boot, but it would flash the dark blue error screen in a split second, making it unreadable, and would reboot. This would happen every time after the Windows logo would appear and you see the little progress/loading bar moving horizontally.

    I've tried booting using the Last Known Good Configuration option but it won't work. Maybe someone could tell me how to use the System Restore Point feature from outside of Windows XP.
  2. Cosmin

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    you've forgot somethin' < Safe Mode >
  3. ECO

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    It reboots while trying to get to Safe Mode, just as it does attempting to load Windows XP normally.
  4. xsk8zerox

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    Im not sure but there might be something that will let you when you boot from the cd
  5. Iceman

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    yes, boot up with the XP cd in and do a repair job.

  6. ECO

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    Um, you need to elaborate on "do a repair job". Unline Windows 2000, Windows XP does not automatically repair the troubled windows installation on the system by itself. You have to do something yourself in the Recovery Console. Tell me what to do in the console, like how to use the System Restore Point feature.
  7. xsk8zerox

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    You dont go to the recovery consol.. i belive you go to setup and then press R and it will do a repair
  8. allan

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    Boot to the XP CD and choose the second repair option (the first takes you to the Recovery Console). This will perform an "install overlay" - basically reinstalling XP over itself. If done properly, it will not overwrite the registry and you should not have to reinstall your programs. It will replace any missing or damaged system files.
  9. ECO

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    That's exactly what brings me to the Recovery Console.
  10. allan

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    Then you are pressing "R" at the first opportunity - do not do that. When you see the first Repair option do not take it, just tell it to continue the Installation Process. Two screens later you will see another repair option and that's the one you want.
  11. ECO

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    I continued all the way through the setup until the format option, without seeing any automated repiar option. I didn't continue because I know that the follow screen would show my hard drive reformatting, which I don't want. What do you think could have cause this change in the setup, not allowing me to do this automated repair?

    I know that you can use a Windows Automated System Restore Disk if your pressed F2 at the beginning of the boot process, while the 1st boot disk loads. But, sadly enough, I haven't made an ASR disk yet. I'll make sure I do that the next time I get Windows XP to run successfully.
  12. allan

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    It's not an automated repair. Just continue as though you were doing a full install. Two screens after the first repair option you will see the second option to do a repair install. I don't know how else to explain it - it should be very obvious when you get there. Sorry - I've given these instructions dozens of times on my site and done it myself a couple of times - the directions are correct.

    As for being afraid of formatting by accident - that's virtually impossible. The format process will not start without giving you a clear and explicit warning and asking you to give your okay.
  13. ECO

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    Okay, the first screen after the Recovery Console is the License Agreement. On the second screen, where you claim the second repair option should be plainly seen, has three options: use the selected partition to install Windows XP, create a new partition in the unpartitioned space, and delete the selected partition. There is no repair install option, as you so elegantly put it. The following screen allows me to confirm that I want to use the selected partition to install Windows XP on, also informing me that it needs to be formatted and allowing me to change the selected partition. The next screen tells me that there is already another OS installed and that installing Windows XP could mess up that one (how ironic), as well as allowing me to choose another partition again. The following screen asks me with which file system type to format the selected partition. Now, seing as I am already at the 5th screen after the screen allowing me to choose the Recovery Console option, I quit the setup, not wanting to format my hard disk.

    Now, I wonder what you will say to that. I don't know what I'll do if I hear that you made a communicable mistake [twice] and I have to actually go past the format option, which I find unsafe at this point in time.
  14. allan

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    I'm certain you're right and I'm wrong. Sorry I tried to help.
  15. ECO

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    Now that so many efforts have been hopeless with this problem, I'd like to try to perform a System Restore Point from outside of Windows XP.

    Is it possible? If yes, then how do I do it? If not, please say so.
  16. dejav00

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    Jeez man, don't come in and ask for help, and then flame some of the best help you could get because you can't read. I know the option exists, I've done it atleast 4 times on my system and others.

    And if your not going to take help from someone, then re-format your hard drive, your going to have to do it eventually, good luck backing up all your stuff, here's a hint, you will need another computer with Windows XP on it.

    And no, it's no possible, and it usually doesn't work anyway.
  17. ECO

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    Re: ...

    First of all I'm not flaming and I think that it's pretty sad for someone to be so sensitive to text....I repeat, text. Though I could be more appreciative of help right now, I'm pretty frustrated with my comp, so I'm sorry for that. :D

    And, I am seriously telling you all the absolute truth, the second repair option does not appear for me. I'd like to see if it might appear following the screen that allows me to choose what file system type to format with, but I'm afraid to format my hard disk. If you can tell me that I having nothing to worry about because there is still more confirmation needed to format, I will continue with the setup. Obviously, I don't memorize what every setup screen says every time I install Windows XP, since I don't really do it ridiculously often.
  18. Landrvr

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    Yeah I haven't had much luck w/ system restore points. They are an ok idea, but it's more like an 'uninstall' for dummies. If XP is running (which it needs to be to run the restore point) than you should be able to fix the problem regardless of the system restore or not. Either way....

    What you may want to try and do is catch the BSOD (blue screen of death - just in case you didn't know ;) ). I had that happen to me once when I installed a driver for a smartcard reader for my digital camera. If you hit the "Pause" button at just the right moment you can stop the computer from restarting and actually read what that screen says. It may take you a few tries, but in my case it tipped me off on what driver it was that I installed that was causing the problem. You usually don't get that screen, especially on bootup unless there is a driver problem or a hardware malfunction. Once you get the description let us know and maybe that'll shed some more light on things. As for the repair install that everyone else has been trying to tell you about, I'll just put my 2 cents in as well and say that I've used it too. I'm pretty sure there is an option on the format screen you are telling us about that will say something along the lines of "Leave current Partition as is and continue". I wouldn't quote that verbatum, but you should be able to by-pass that screen and just start the file copy.

    Before you do any copying or anything else be sure to BACKUP your system. It definately wouldn't be the first time things have gone sour. Use PowerQuest Drive Image or something.

    BTW, your hard drives aren't setup in a RAID are they?
  19. Landrvr

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    I can understand your frusteration, I just lost 120GB of data the other day when my HDD gave out. But you do sound a bit abrasive. :)

    As for help, I hope we can get it to you.
  20. ECO

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    Reply to Landrvr:

    I don't know what this pause button is. Are you reffering to a button on the keyboard?

    And about the format screen, there is no option for me to skip the format while still using the current partition. But, I think that's because of the following (which is a quote of the text at the top of the screen:

    The partition is either too full, damaged, not formatted, or formatted with an incompatible file system. To continue installing Windows, Setup must format this partition.

    It is obviously full because I use this partion only for Windows XP and it is already on it. The size of this partition is 2048 MB.