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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bedri, May 9, 2006.

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    I Need some help one day i was looking at some other comps and i forgot to switch the power to off in the power supply at my second comp so i guess it burned. It turned on two times and then after that smoke came up so i bought a new power supply but its 20 wat more the original one the old one was 300 now its 320 but here is the problem i modified added extra extensions because did not have extra ones to connect the other hard drives when i turn it on it just stays on all lights (also did this when power supply wasent modified) and shows nothing in the monitor now im thinking the mother board might have burned to but lets hope not. Can anybody help me thanx.
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    Try taking everything out exept for what you need for the computer to run. Start with the PSU and the mobo.

    Start the computer up. If you get a warning message from BIOS saying that there is no RAM or CPU or anything, next add CPU. Boot it up. Keep adding hardware until the failure occurs again. You then have your culprit. If the Comptuer still doesnt boot with the PSU and the mobo, you have a faulty mobo.