Computer Freezes on bootup

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by gabdala, Dec 16, 2002.

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    I don't know whats wrong with it but this is the best i can explain whats wrong with it. First off I have an Epox8k7a, 1.4 Ghz Tbird and 512 ddr mem. I'm currently using an old ati 32mb rage furry(more on that later).

    ok every time i boot it freezes on the welcome screen. When it freezes theres a faint high pitched noise and it seems to be comming from the video card or video area. I've reinstalled the XP like twice and the same happens. The only time it doesn't happen is when i hoot enabling VGA mode, and the puts the computer at 648x480 res and 8 bit color. there it works fine. If i try changing the res and or color it will freeze once i move the mouse. The thing is that video card was working fine before on my system and on another system. So i dont know whats really wrong with my comp. I've already updated the lates bios and stuff like that...i also have a generic 300w power supply.

    what do you guys think?

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    Any ideas... i really have no clue.
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    You could try setting the BIOS to "Load optimized defaults".

    If no go there try changing the agp to 2x in BIOS.

    I have that exact combination in another machine (8k7a + Rage fury 32) and that agp is at 2x.

    Don't know if it really matters, but the agp aperture size is set to 64 in that machine too.
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    Sounds like it is time for a new card before more damage is done.